Who Are We?

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Welcome to Midlands Lets!


We rent properties from landlords for fixed long-term tenancies, effectively taking over responsibility for the property and managing it on the landlord’s behalf. We fully furnish the properties and pay all the bills (including weekly cleaners), and then we provide rooms to working professionals on 6-month contracts.

We are not an estate agency, and we don’t have those conflicts of interest. We’re managers, really. The basic model is simple enough: we lease a 3+ bedroom property from a landlord ideally on a minimum 2-year agreement, and then we rent out the rooms to working professionals. We do all the hard work so the landlord doesn’t have to.

For housemates, it’s a new 21st century version of communal living. For instance, all of our homes have flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi and we have a regular cleaner.  All rents are inclusive of bills, so for young professionals concentrating on making their mark in Leicester, it takes away a lot of hassle not to have to sit around the kitchen table figuring out who owes what for the utilities.